Wednesday, March 3, 2010

New Years resolutions!

Age has a charming way of sneaking up on you! I feel depending on the day as young as 12 as old as 20 and somewhere along the way, throught the days, months and years 28 has crept up on me and I am quickly staring down 30. My oldest daughter will be 8 this fall, a shock in and of itself. Where has the time gone....... This summer in June will be 10 years since graduating from high-school. I am determined to make the next 32 years of my life the fullest! I have been blessed beyond measure and I intend to make the most of it. The tender child of 6 that invited Jesus into her heart has walked a road with many adventures, love, loss and great learning...... I press on toward the high calling of Jesus Christ, more of Him and less of me. Nothing is more humbling than motherhood, stretches you further than wifehood and teaches you more as you walk each step with the Saviour. Here's to the journey!